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Fender Acoustasonic 30DSP

Acoustasonic 30 on loistava akustisen kitaran vahvistin ja omaa hyvät efektit myös laululle.
Tämä yksilö on vielä alkuperäinen Made in Mexico, kun taas uudemmat ovat kiinalaisia. DSP 221-3306-010

Fender Acoustasonic series amplifiers are the undisputed champions of the acoustic amp arena! The new Acoustasonic 30 DSP (an upgraded version of our top-selling Acoustasonic 30) is a portable, easy-to-use combo amp designed for natural-sounding reproduction of electric-acoustic guitar and vocals. Onboard DSP effects add extra versatility and excitement to an already-great formula.
The 30-watt power amp drives an 8 foam-surround low-frequency driver and a high-frequency tweeter; the instrument and microphone channels each contain individual EQ controls, phase switches for feedback reduction, FX select and FX level. Our patented String Dynamics control tames harsh treble notes on the instrument channel, and the feedback notch control removes most feedback problems.
Phantom power is supplied at the XLR mic input, and the professional XLR line output with level control and ground lift allows perfect direct input to any mixer. DSP effects include reverb, delay, chorus, vibratone and more, all optimized especially for acoustic performers.
The Acoustasonic 30 DSP is dressed in our distinctive Brown/Wheat cosmetic treatment. Optional two-button footswitch allows FX on/off for each channel.

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