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Mackie MR8 mk2 aktiivimonitori

Mackie MR8 mk2, lähikenttämonitori, tarkempaankin kuunteluun.
Active Studio Monitor - 8" woofer (100 W), 1" tweeter (50W), taajuusvaste: 50Hz-20kHz, magnettisesti suojattu.
XLR, 1/4" TRS ja RCA (unbalanced) liitännät. Mitat :
400 x 277 x 330 mm (KxLxS). Paino : 12,5kg.
Precision Class A/B amplification with Active protection circuits: 100W for LF / 50W for HF
150 watts total system power
  • High-resolution, powered studio reference monitor
  • Ultra low-distortion 8˝ LF driver
    • Long voice coil winding length allows high output with controlled low frequency performance
    • Optimally sized inverted dust cap stiffens cone for smooth response
    • Hyperbolic curved cone profile reduces severe cone resonances
  • High-output 1˝ soft dome tweeter
    • Neodymium magnet minimizes distortion and handles fast transients in dynamic source material
    • Ferro-fluid cooling protects against power compression
    • Acoustic absorption backing material provides smooth, reflection-free performance
  • Precision Class A/B amplification with Active protection circuits: 100W for LF / 50W for HF
  • Optimally sized custom waveguide provides seamless transition of HF and LF
  • Minimum-diffraction molded baffle imparts superior stereo imaging and depth
  • Adjustable HF and LF acoustic controls offer sonic tailoring to your mixing space
  • Flexible inputs include XLR, TRS and RCA connections
  • Magnetic shielding allows safe placement near computers and video monitors
  • Precisely tuned to work interchangeably with other MRmk2 monitors


Tuotteen sivut: mackie.com/products/mrmk2series/splash

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