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K&M 18990 Keyboard-teline

K&M 18990 Keyboard-teline





Markkinoiden tukevimpiin X-telineihin kuuluva K&M 18990 "Rick"-X on taattua K&M-laatua.

  • max kuorma 50 kg
  • paino 5,8 kg
  • korkeus 594-946 mm
  • leveys 327-789 mm
  • syvyys 350 mm
  • musta


18990 Keyboard stand »Rick« - black

Our best X stand - comfortable and extremely sturdy. The new design of the double brace stand tubes provides for perceptible stability and safety. The ergonomic clamping lever makes it easy to setup and collapse the keyboard stand. The robust metal joint is intermeshed in 5° steps and provides for a multitude of different positions. The scale provides the user with the option to always select their preferred setting. Both of the back rubber end caps can be adjusted on their axis and as such can be adjusted perfectly to the width of the keyboard. The maximum depth is 350 mm. The typical K&M quality characteristics such as solid workmanship, high quality powder coating and a useful adjustable end cap for uneven surfaces complete the overall concept and design. The stand can be expanded for a second keyboard with the 18941 stacker.



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