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Pearl JJ1365 Joey Jordison virveli musta

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Pearl JJ1365 Joey Jordison virveli musta,
Pearl 13"x6½" Joey Jordison Signature Snare drum
Runkomateriaali: 1mm teräs, "Black-Powder"-viimeistely.

Pearl announces the new Joey Jordison signature snare drum. Working with the Pearl design team Joey helped engineer what can only be described as a power piccolo. Its 13” x 6.5” 1 mm steel shell produces a higher pitch with real bite while the 6.5” depth delivers the body and power you expect from Joey. Black Super Hoops and Masters double ended lugs compliment the black shell decorated with Slipknot logos repeated around the shell. The drum’s SR-017 strainer features a vertical pull action for ideal snare-to-head contact using minimal tension and results in superior snare response at all playing levels.