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Presonus M7 MKII Kondensaattorimikki

Presonus M7 MKII Kondensaattorimikki

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Presonuksen edullinen isokalvoinen mikki

Sopii mm. laulun, kitaran ja puheen äänitykseen.

Designed for musicians and performers who need great audio quality on a budget, the M7 is an ideal all-around recording solution for entry-level podcasters, singers, and musicians. The M7 boasts a warm frequency response that flatters the human voice. And thanks to the M7’s cardioid polar pattern, the M7 will brilliantly record the sounds you point it at, while downplaying the sounds you don’t. Last but not least, the M7 can rock hard when asked—its 134 dB of SPL handling lets it wrangle loud instruments like cracking snare drums or electric guitar amps worry-free—something more expensive mics can’t always do.

  • Rugged construction
  • Hard mount, 10-foot XLR cable, and carrying case included

Technical Specifications

  • Capsule Type Back electret condenser
  • Polar Patter Uni-directional
  • Sensitivity -38 dB +/-3 dB (0dB=1V/Pa at 1kHz)
  • Frequency Response 20 Hz to 18 kHz
  • Output Impedance 150Ω +/-30% (at 1 kHz)
  • Equivalent Noise Level 19 dBA
  • Maximum SPL 134 dB (at 1kHz = 1% THD)
  • S/N Ratio 75 dB
  • Working Voltage 48V Phantom