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Marshall JTM30 [K] Käytetty putkivahvistin





Englannissa valmistettu Marshall JTM30 putkikombo.
Hyväsoundinen, siisti ja kätevän kokoinen. Testattu ja täysin toimiva.


The Marshall JTM 30 is a thirty watt combo that was produced from 1994 to 1997.

Each channel has its own Volume control, and there is also a Master Volume control. The Boost Channel has a control for Gain, and there is a Master Reverb knob, as well. There is an overall three-band Equalization that allows you to tweak your treble, middle, and bass levels. With the three 12AX7’s preamp tubes and two 5881 power amp tubes, this amp can give you ample power and a great range of tones and sound allowing you to dial in your tone with just a few turns of the knobs.


  • 30 watts
  • Treble, mid, bass
  • Reverb
  • 2-channel. Foot switchable
  • Effects loop on FRONT face of amp
  • 1X12 Celestion speaker
  • External speaker capability.