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Ibanez WH10V2 Wah Wah pedali

Tilapäisesti loppu, kysy saatavuus




Ibanez WH10V2 Wah Wah pedali edulliseen hintaan, mutta soundista tinkimättömään soitteluun.
The upgrade you will notice is the die-cast metal construction, replacing the original plastic case. Feel free to dance on this sucker now-it can take anything you dish out.
The WH10V2 features the same multiple feedback opamp circuit as the original, a feature rarely found in today's wah pedals. It also has a depth knob to control to level of the wah effect and a dry out for mixing a dry signal with the wah sound. The WH10V2 has a unique tone character setting it apart from all traditional wah pedals, as well as some modern tweaks so your sound keeps changing with the times.


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