Ensimmäinen Edellinen Tuote 35 / 49 Seuraava Viimeinen
Tuoteryhmä: Liittimet ja adapterit

Adapteri XGA39 - 3,5mm stereojack / 6,3mm stereoplugi





XGA39 - 3,5mm ministereojack / 6,3mm stereoplugi kuulokeadapteri kulmalla


You don't want to busy yourself with details? Things of minor importance like adapters? DAP-Audio developed a new series of high quality Audio adapters so that you don't have to pay attention to
this for the next couple of years. These professional Audio adapters are made for stage, studio environment and other situations where an excellent sound reproduction is necessary. The Xcaliber adapters are extremely careful manufactured, they are made of gold plated connectors and a sturdy black chrome-finish. Therefore, DAP Audio provides a lifetime warranty for these Xcaliber products.



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