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Yamaha EMX68S Käytetty mikserivahvistin 400W+400W [K]

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Yamaha EMX68S Käytetty mikserivahvistin

Toimiva 6-kanavainen mikserivahvistin. Monipuoliset säädöt perinteiseksi mikserivahvistimeksi.



For years, Yamaha's EMX Series powered mixers have offered portability, simplicity, economy, and reliability for small-to-medium sound reinforcement applications. In response to market demand for even lighter, roadworthy designs, Yamaha Professional Audio brings you updated 6- and 8-channel models.

Like their predecessors, the new editions feature built-in amplification and onboard digital effects, including Yamaha's acclaimed reverb technology. Internal amplifiers now deliver 200-400 Watts of efficient power and contain proprietary YSP circuitry that tailors the response curve to match Yamaha Club Series speakers. All models are now housed in rugged high-impact molded enclosures, andÖdue to the decreased space considerations of many permanent and portable applicationsÖare rack mountable.

"The Yamaha EMX Series has a proven history of excellence," states Wayne Hrabak, marketing manager, Professional Audio. "With these recent upgrades, the line should be even more attractive for solo performers, bands, houses of worship, and corporate applications."


  • 6-channel stereo design
  • 2 switchable 400-Watt (4 ohm) amplifiers
  • Built-in limiter to prevent damage from feedback or overload
  • Channels 1-4 have balanced XLR connectors with switchable pads and phantom power, plus balanced 1/4-in. jacks
  • Inputs 5 and 6 each include 2 unbalanced inputs
  • All Channel Mute switch
  • All channels contain 3-band EQ, plus independent monitor and effects sends
  • RCA connectors with separate level control for a tape recorder or a CD player are also conveniently located on the front panel
  • 2 flexible 7-band graphic EQs (stereo for mains, mono for monitors) provide feedback control and signal shaping
  • Built-in digital effects based on the popular Yamaha SPX effects processors


  • 400W+400W/4ohms
  • 270W+270W/8ohms
  • 800W/8ohms bridge
  • Input Connectors:
  • CH1-4: XLR and TRS Phone
  • CH5, 6:XLR and 2 * TRS Phone
  • EQ (Mono CH):
  • HIGH 10kHZ Shelving
  • LOW 100kHZ Shelving
  • Aux Sends: 2 (1MONITOR, 1EFFECT)
  • Phantom Power: +15v
  • Graphic Equalizer: 7-band (125, 250, 500, 1k, 2k, 4k, 8k Hz)

Digital Effects:
SPX Digital Multi Effector
(24-bit AD/DA, 32-bit Internal Processing)
16 programs
Reverb hall
Reverb room
Reverb plate
Reverb vocal 1
Reverb vocal 2
Vocal echo 1
Vocal echo 2
Delay 1
Delay 2
Early ref.
Gate reverb
Vocal doubler
Tape delay

Power Amp Mode:
Main (L+R) + Momitor
Main (L+R) Bridge

Meters: 2 x 5 points (Main), 5 points (Monitor)

Yamaha Speaker Processing: Yes

Stand-By Switch: Yes

Foot Switch: Effect On/Off