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Tivoli Audio Model One Radio M1BLU

Tivoli Audio Model One Radio M1BLU

Poistotuote (OVH 199€)

If you're looking for performance and simplicity but have little space then Tivoli's Audio Model One M1BLU AM/FM Table Radio (Cobalt Blue) will suit you just fine. It recalls a simpler time when things looked easy and felt comfortable. But behind this sleek exterior is a thunderous technological boom of quality in sound. A furniture-grade, handmade wood cabinet works as an acoustically inert housing unit.

The heavy-magnet, long-throw 3" driver works hand in hand with a multistage frequency contouring circuit that adjusts the output over half-octave increments. All of this technology gives you a musically accurate tonal balance with base response that is stunning.

Using cell phone technology, a GaAs MES-FET mixer is used for FM tuning to increase clarity and enhance reception. The geared-down 5:1 tuning ratio adds to the ease and accuracy of channel tuning while the amber tuning light keeps track of your channel selection.

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