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Technics SX-P50 [K] käytetty sähköpiano

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Technics käytetty sähköpiano.

Toimiva sähköpiano yhdeksällä soitinäänellä ja 64 äänen polyfonialla. L/Mono ulostulo pätkii hieman, mutta kaikki muu on täysin toimivaa.

Hintaan sisältyy muuntaja, nuottiteline, sustainpedali, sekä kova kotelo.



Technics P50: A beautifully rich piano sound, a broad selection of voices and incredibly realistic keyboard touch response. All housed in a simple, stylish body thats compact and light enough to carry almost anywhere. Looking for a digital piano that delivers piano playing enjoyment and much, much more? The choice is easy: the Technics P50.

Technics sx-P50

The Technics sx-P50 Portable Grand Piano was released in 2001 to critical acclaim. Featuring an incredibly robust aluminium casing with an attractive curved form-factor, the Technics P50 is an ideal stage piano and makes an excellent MIDI controller.

  • "Natural Response Action"
  • 9 Instrumental Sounds
  • 9 Organ Presets
  • 64-note Polyphony
  • Piano 'String Resonance'
  • Sound Layering
  • MIDI Connectivity
  • Piano Tuning or Standard Equal Temperament

Technics P50: Graded Hammer Action

On a grand piano the key touch is heavier for low notes and lighter for high notes, changing in four steps from one end of the keyboard to the other. This change occurs naturally as a result of the thickness of the strings, the size of the hammers, and the presence or absence of a damper. 

Technics' Natural Response Action Feels Like You're Playing a Concert Grand

Technics Natural Response Action replicates this progression by using four sets of graded hammers that are linked to the appropriate registers of a grand piano to provide a substantial, authentic response. Furthermore, the black keys feature a matte finish, reminiscent of the key texture on a concert grand.

The Natural Response Action provides the tactile "release" in the middle of a keystroke that is characteristic of grand piano keys.


Technics Dynamic Acoustics Technology Recreates the Sound of a Concert Grand

Highly regarded for its incredible realism, Technics Dynamic Acoustics technology is based on PCM recordings of a world-class concert grand piano after it has been meticulously tuned and adjusted. It is sampled at several dynamic levels across the keyboard in order to capture the variations in sound,

18 Realistic Sound to Explore

Thanks to the Technics concept of Dynamic Acoustics, the Technics P50 helps deliver incredibly realistic grand piano sound. It also offers the sound of an Electric Piano as well as other instrumental sounds, like Strings, Vocal or Organ.

64-Note Polyphony

You'll really appreciate the maximum 64-note polyphony, which provides virtually unlimited dynamic expression for your performances. You can even combine two different instrumental sounds, such as Strings and Grand Piano, for a beautifully rich, layered effect.