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B-Stick King 4a King Size Hickory

B-Stick King 4a King Size Hickory

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B-stick 4A (King Size) is the same in grip as our 4A with some added length. This a great model when you need more power and volume. The barrel tip gives a good range of tonal sound and unbelievable punch. The added length makes it play hard with little effort.

B-Stick King 4a King Size Hickory 15,5 x 427 mm

Tanskalaiset B-Stickin rumpukapulat ovat suosittuja monien soittajien keskuudessa. Pinta on käsitelty lakkauksen sijaan parhaaksi todetulla luonnonmukaisella mehiläisvahalla, jolloin ote pitää vaikkapa hikisemmässäkin sessiossa ja kapulan tuntuma on loistava.


Next, the sticks are hand polished with genuine beeswax for the best, safest and most natural grip possible. This sets B-sticks head and shoulders above the rest, since no other sticks in the world are finished with genuine beeswax. It's the best possible way to ensure the ultimate safe grip even when your hands are hot and sweaty. The result: more energy for drumming, since you don't have to worry about losing your sticks!