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Showtec 50725 Led Commander Pro B-Stock

Showtec 50725 Led Commander Pro B-Stock

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B-Stock -tuotteissa saattaa olla pieniä käytönjälkiä. Ne toimitetaan uuden tuotteen takuulla ja palautusoikeudella.
The LED Commander Pro is the successor of the LED commander. The upgrade is simple but unique and very useful. The LED commander Pro has displays above each channel fader that shows the actual channel function. Because there are many different LED fixtures and all with other channel settings it is hard to remember which channel has which function. The displays above the channels are fully programmable by the user. Now you can program your channel name in these displays which will be very useful during live operation. The displays show the programmed channel names and the channel value. Besides this unique function the LED commander pro also has all the benefits of the already successful LED commander. It can control 8 different group of fixtures simultaneously. With the 8 patchable channel faders you can control all functionalities of the LED par in your desired order. It has 2 auxiliary channels which are very useful for foggers or strobes. Furthermore the unit has 16 programmable scenes and 16 programmable chases.
Fixtures: 8 + 2 Aux channels
Scenes: 16
Chases: 16
Run mode: Auto, Music, Manual
DMX-512: 66 Channels
DMX connector: 3 Pole XLR F
USB: 5VDC for mini-light
Audio input: RCA, 100mv - 1Vpp
MIDI: In, Out, Thru
MIDI connector: 5P DIN
Power Supply: 9-12VDC - 1000mA
Power connector: Adapter (included)
Power consumption: 20W
Dimensions: 482 x 156 x 75 (LxWxH)
Weight: 3,1Kg