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Roland VA-7 Käytetty kosketinsoitin [K]

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Roland VA-7 Arranger / työasema

Käytetty, mutta toimiva kosketinsoitin. Mukana kuvissa näkyvät lisätarvikkeet: Suomenkielinen käyttöohje, englanninkielinen käyttöohje, lisäkomppeja ja muita korppuja.


The VA-7 brings an entirely new level of performance to music enthusiasts everywhere. This advanced arranger keyboard combines a powerful 128-voice GM2/GS-compatible sound engine with Roland's exclusive VariPhrase» technology for re-arranging vocal samples, making it the first keyboard that sings. And creating music sequences and arrangements is easy, thanks to an intuitive touchscreen interface.


  • 61-key aftertouch-sensitive arranger keyboard with 128-voice
  • GM2/GS-compatible sound source Intuitive user interface with touchscreen for quick and easy operation
  • VariPhrase elastic audio sound engine for re-arranging vocal samples
  • 128 music styles; Style Orchestrator and Style Morphing functions
  • Super Sound buttons for instant recall of favorite vocal sounds
  • Virtual Band with multi-lingual "wizard" assists in optimal instrument setup
  • Onboard 16-track sequencer; D-Beam controller
  • 3.5" floppy loads SMFs and system updates; Zip100 drive stores VariPhrase samples