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Pearl P-2002C Eliminator Tuplapedali

Pearl P-2002C Eliminator Tuplapedali

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Myymälä: Varastossa


419.00eur 369.00eur


Pearl Tuplapedali P 2002C todella hyvä ja suosittu malli, ketjuveto, kotelo sis hintaan.

The P-2002C is a Double Pedal complete set based on the revolutionary P-2000C. Pearl’s PowerShifter Eliminator provides the ultimate in player tunability and control. With a choice of 6 different cams (4 included and 2 sold separately), 4 beater faces, PowerShifter functionality and complete control over pedal surface grip or slip, this is the most tuner friendly pedal available. (The P-2000 Series pedals come standard with Custom Carry bags).