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PDP Concept Snare Wooden Hoop 14" x 6,5" Puuvirveli


PDP Concept Snare Wooden Hoop 14\" x 6,5\" Puuvirveli

Tyylikäs DW PDP puuvirveli puuvanteilla.


The PDP Concept Maple series offers excellent quality at a great price. All drums in the series are made of 100% maple wood and have the following features: patented DW "STM" Tom-Cantilever System, "True-Pitch" voice coil, DW "MAG" snare strainer DW "The Cast" bass drum claws. PDP Concept Maple Drums are fully equipped as standard equipment with REMO heads.


  • Shell Diameter: 14" (35,56 cm)
  • Shell Depth: 6,5" (16,51 cm)
  • Shell Material: Maple
  • Shell surface: Matt finish
  • Rims: Concept Wood Hoops
  • Tuning screws: 10
  • Shell hardware: Chrome
  • Colour / Finish: Natural Maple
  • Accessories: Tuning key
  • Outer Layer: Maple
  • Drum shell: 20 Ply
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Strainer: DW MAG Snare
  • Wood drum
  • Snare wires: pdp 20
  • Resonant Bearing Edge: 45°
  • Bearing Edge: 45°
  • Inner Material: Maple
  • Shell base colour: Natural
  • Resonant Drum Heads: pdp Resonant
  • Head skin: pdp Batter White Coated

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