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Nord Electro 3 61 pussilla [K] Käytetty





Käytetty Nordin Electro 3 61-koskettimisena.

Siistikuntoinen soitin ja mukana hyvä topattu kuljetuspussi sekä käyttöohjeet.


The Electro 3 features a great organ section, fantastic pianos from the Nord Piano Library, Nord Sample Library compatibility, including the possibilty to create your own sample instruments and a selection of extremely versatile effects!

The original Electro 3  features our Semi Weighted Waterfall keybed. This is a great set of keys to play organ and pianos with, with light action and low weight (7.65kg)

Main Features

  • C1 Organ Tonewheel/transistor modeling
  • Nord Piano- and Sample Library support
  • String Resonance (generation 1)
  • Exclusively licensed Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds
  • Rotary Speaker simulation
  • Flexible Effects
  • Light weight
  • Physical controls for all vital functions