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Musictech TRX Radio Midi

Musictech TRX Radio Midi

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Musictech Radio Midi koostuu Midi-datan lähettimestä ja vastaanottimesta ja sen 10mW lähetysteho vapauttaa sinut Midi-johdosta.

Lähettimen akku ja laturi sisältyy hintaan. "True Diversity" tekniikkaa käyttävä vastaanotin kahdella viritetyllä antennilla takaa häiriöttömän signaalin siirron. Kantavuus noin 100m. Käy kaikkiin Musictecin tuotteisiin.

The TRX Radio MIDI system has been specially designed for UHF Radio Transmission and Reception of serial type MIDI data for accordions. Enables freedom of movement as all the MIDI data is transmitted to the receiver connected to the Sound Module.

Main Features


- Range: 100 metres (approx.)
- Power by rechargeable batteries
- Battery charger included.

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TX MODULE VHF transmitter RF Power: 10mW Antenna: Tuned flexible type Power supply: by recharchable batteries (internal battery pack made up of 5 1,2V 1500mAH  Ni-MH batteries) Battery charger: constant current 12V 350 mA max. DIN socket: To Instrument On/Off switch Led indicator: On/Off - Charge  - Low Battery RESET button Input socket for battery charger
FUNCTION MODES When the TX is switched ’On’ the led indicator will flash once every 3 secs in normal working conditions. When the led indicator starts to emit a TRIPLE flash every 2 secs this indicates the LOW BATTERY condition (battery almost discharged). In this condition the unit will continue to function but will have its autonomy quite reduced. In order to correctly recharge the batteries you are advised to switch ’Off’ the TX unit and then connect the battery charger to the provided socket; after a few seconds the indicator led will light continuously showing the recharge condition. If the batteries are particularly run down, the led indicator will turn ’On’ continuously after a longer period (even several minutes). In this case, the initial recharge will be slower, followed by a full recharge for 5 HOURS and then a maintaining charge. In fact an internal timer interrupts the full recharge condition after 5 HOURS and passes to the maintainance charge condition indicated by the led indicator that will then flash once every two seconds. WARNING:- Avoid leaving the TX unit switched ’On’ for excessive time periods when not in use, as this will cause a discharged condition of the batteries that will prove to be very difficult to overcome.Connect a mains lead (cable) to the mains socket and a midi lead (cable) from the MIDIOUTsocket to a Sound Module/Expander. Switch the receiver ’On’ by means of the ON/OFFswitch on the rear panel.

When the transmitter is switched ’On’, the led marked TX ON on the receiver’s front panel will turn ’On’ to indicate this condition. Playing the instrument connected to the transmitter will cause the led marked ON/DATA on the front panel to flash in accordance with the reception of midi data from the instrument via the transmitter. The two leds Aand B will light in accordance with the data received by each antenna. The antennae should be orientated for the best reception according to the conditions in the place of use.
- "True Diversity" technology receiver unit with two tuned antennae.

The TRX Radio MIDI can be used with any Musictech MIDI System past, present and future as all new systems will be designed to operate with this unit.