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Mackie PPM1008 mikserivahvistin [K]

Mackie PPM1008 mikserivahvistin [K]

Uutta vastaavassa kunnossa oleva vähän käytetty Mackie 1008 on varsin kevyt kantaa ja tehoa ja soundia on mukavasti monenlaiseen käyttöön..

8-mikkikanavaa, neljässä kanavassa on kompressorit ja hyvät multiefektit löytyy myös, joten mitäpä muuta kuin keikalle.

  • 8 channels
  • 32-bit “gig-ready” digital effects
  • 24 reverbs, choruses, and delays with tap tempo for live applications
  • 1,600W (800W+800W) Mackie-designed Class D, Fast Recovery power amplifier
  • 8 premium Mackie mic preamps with 48V phantom power
  • TRS inserts (channels 1-6)
  • Inline compression for increased vocal presence and punch (channels 1-4)
  • Dual RCA and 1/4" line inputs on stereo channels (channels 7-8)
  • Musical 3-band active channel EQ with mid sweep (100Hz-8kHz) on mono channels
  • 2 channels with switchable Hi-Z inputs for instruments
  • Separate monitor and FX auxiliary sends
  • 12-segment LEDs for the main and monitor outputs
  • Dual 9-band graphic EQs for mains and monitor outputs
  • 3-mode amp switching for ultraflexible routing (Mains Stereo L/R, Mono Mains/Monitor 1, or Monitor 1 and Monitor 2)
  • Rugged metal handles
  • Ultralightweight (just 20 lb.) for easy portability

Legendary Mackie circuitry combined with road worthy design and portability result in the ultimate powered mixer.

Optimal Performance

Optimal Performance

Premium Mackie preamplifiers ensure transparent, low-noise/high-headroom characteristics right at the front of the mixer.  True 48V phantom power allows every condenser mic to perform at its full potential. Individual channel inserts and dedicated in-line compressors add even more ways to fine tune your mix.


"Gig Ready" FX

The RMFX+ processor features 24 solid FX that are known for their utility and usability.  Small, medium and large room reverbs with the choice of a warm or bright characteristic put your mix in the right space. Simple, rich choruses and an array of practical delays with tap tempo enable you to create

Reliable Power

Reliable Power

Every PPM mixer features two ridiculously robust Class-D power amps for Mains and Monitors designed for maximum efficiency and minimum heat, delivering 95% of power straight to the speakers. Fast Recovery™ circuitry eliminates the risk of pesky amp latching. And to help protect your speakers, we’ve included a built-in internal limiter that rival many outboard limiters available.

Fine Tune Your Mix

Fine Tune Your Mix

Designed for maximum tonal control in a live sound environment, the legendary Mackie 3-band active channel EQ, with up to 15dB boost/cut capability per band, provides more tone-sculpting latitude than any other mixer in its class.

Absolutely Armored

Absolutely Armored

The PPM Series Mixers are "Built-Like-A-Tank", armored inside a solid steel chassis that helps protect the electronics from any potential environmental hazard (think beer). Extremely durable polycarbonate ABS end caps (PPM608 &PPM1008) will protect the mixer from years of abuse

All The Bells And Whistles

All The Bells And Whistles

Dedicated In-line Compression provides increased presence and punch for vocals and instruments. Plus, features like 2 built-in DI boxes for direct instrument connections, dual 7-Band GEQ on the Mains and Monitor outputs provide the tools any engineer needs to create a solid mix.


Tuotteen sivut: mackie.com/products/ppm-series

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