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Line 6 POD HD300 [K] Käytetty multiefekti

Line 6 POD HD300 [K] Käytetty multiefekti

POD HD300 is a full-on multi-effect masterpiece that's equally at home onstage as it is in the studio. An arsenal of 80 of Line 6's M-class effects round out the POD HD300's tone engine, providing you with everything from glassy choruses, rich reverb, dazzling delays, and the kind of stompbox distortions that crank up the heat. You also get other invaluable processors, including EQs and compression to polish out your sound. A 24-second looper and a built-in expression pedal are real gems too. The POD HD300's layout is also super intuitive - everything you need to access your favorite tones and combinations of effect lives right at your feet. MIDI over USB, a L6 LINK connection, and balanced XLR outputs also give you a ton of useful performance and recording tools.

Line 6 POD HD300 Amplifier Modeler and Multi-effect System Features at a Glance:

  • All-new amp modeling for amps that feel, behave, and interact with previously unachievable realism
  • 16 HD amp models based on the most sought-after guitar tones including California cleans, classic crunch, vibey boutique warmth, modern high-gain, and more
  • Over 80 M-class effects including delays, modulations, distortions, compressors, EQs, filters, and reverbs
  • Over 30 distortions, from classic stompbox distortion to thick metal chunk, plus EQs , and pitch FX
  • Over 30 analog and digital delays (including cool tube and solid-state tape echoes), echoes, wahs, and reverbs (from surfy springs, to studio plates, to cutting-edge digital rooms)
  • Over 20 swirly phasers, filters (including several exclusive custom filters), and other mods (including blackface-style opto and brownface bias-modulating tremolos, choruses, and rotary speakers)
  • Up to 4 simultaneous effects
  • 128 user presets and 256 factory presets
  • 24-second looper with dedicated footswitches for Undo, Play Once, Pre/Post, Rec/Overdub, Play/Stop
  • Built-in tuner with signal mute
  • 1/4" and XLR outputs (mono/stereo), MIDI via USB, L6 LINK jack for seamless integration with Line 6 DT50 tube amplifiers, 1/8" stereo input MP3/CD input
  • Free editor/librarian software
  • Bent sheet metal chassis, metal footswitches, and a rugged expression pedal

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