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Korg PA4X-61 Professional Arranger

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3,333.00eur 2,750.00eur


Meiltä ostettuihin Korg PA4X-soittimiin Musalabran Suomikompit kaupanpäälle!

Korgin kosketinsoittimet eivät esittelyjä kaipaa ja uusin lippulaivamalli ei jätä ketään kylmäksi!

Säestyskeyboard/-työasema, 61 puolipainotettua, kosketusherkkää kosketinta

PA4X jatkaa siitä, mihin samalla poistuva PA3X jäi. Konepellin alta löytyy suurempi 7” kosketusnäyttö, uusittu graafinen käyttöliittymä, uusi EDS-X synteesimoottori, lähes tuplattu käyttäjän PCM tallennuskapasiteetti, yli 1500 soundia ja 512 käyttäjän soundipaikkaa sekä 128 rumpusettipaikkaa, erillinen urkusynteesimoottori sekä TC Heliconin vokaaliprosessointiefektit.


  • 2 models to choose from: 76-key or 61-key
  • Semi–weighted keys with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch.
  • Elegant, streamlined aluminum cabinet
  • Huge 7-inch capacitive TouchView™ display with tilting system.
  • Easy-to-use panel layout and intuitive redesigned graphical interface.
  • New EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-eXpanded) sound engine.
    Improved realism and pristine sound quality.
  • Massive internal ROM with a renewed PCM database
    Plus up to 400 MB of user PCM data 

  • Over 1,500 sounds including GM and XG sets
  • 512 user Sound and 128 user Drumkit locations with full editing features
  • Digital Drawbar Organ sound engine
  • DNC (Defined Nuance Control) and realtime articulation:
    - Three assignable switches
    - Four-way joystick
    - Ribbon controller 
  • Complete sample recording and editing features
  • Import audio waveforms in the most common formats including Wav, Aiff and SoundFont™.
  • Over 500 factory Styles with Intros, Endings, Fills,  Count-ins, and Breaks
    - 4 Keyboard Sets and 4 Pads per Style, 
    - 13 Internal user banks and 13 Direct user banks locations for unlimited storage
  • Guitar Mode 2 provides more realistic guitar parts
  • Chord Sequencer function in Style Play mode records any chord progression on-the-fly
    - Chord Sequences can be saved in each Style and SongBook entry
  • Search function for quickly locating any musical resource
  • New standard MidiFile to Style converter feature
  • Keyboard Set Library includes a collection of best ready to play sounds
    - Keyboard Sets can be recalled even from Direct locations
  • Multiple Effects processors – 142 effect types:
    - 4 Insert and 3 Master effects for accompaniment parts, 
    - 1 Insert and 2 Master effects for Keyboard Tracks
  • Waves MAXXAUDIO Mastering Suite: MaxxEQ™, MaxxBass™, MaxxTreble™, MaxxStereo™, MaxxVolume™
  • TC Helicon® Vocal Processing: Four-part Harmonizer, Double, µMod, Reverb, Delay, Filter, HardTune, Pitch Correction plus Compressor, EQ, Gate (Adaptive Mic Setting on the Mic input)
  • Double MP3/MIDI file players with recording capability, X-Fader and Vocal Remover
    - Score, Chords, and Lyric display
    - Compatible with most common lyrics formats including graphical (+G) for MP3. 
    - Lyrics can be showed in their original languages (except Oriental and Arabic Languages
  • Enhanced compatibility for GM and XG songs.
  • Fully programmable SongBook database based on Styles, SMF, Karaoke, and MP3 
    - Instant recall of any song setting
    - User-definable Set Lists assignable to panel buttons
    - Filtering and ordering options
  • Multi-language extended character set.
  • Internal hard drive 
    Pa4X 76: Standard
    Pa4X 61: Optional
  • MicroSD card slot (card not included) allows for mass storage and data protection
  • Optional PaAS speaker bar—connects without wires or power supply