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Ibanez TK999 Tubesärö

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 Ibanez TK999 Huippuhyvä tubesärö. Hintaan sisältyy myös virtalähde. Käy kuuntelemassa demot alla olevasta tehtaan linkistä.

When it comes to genuine tube distortion in a stomp box, the newly introduced Tube King TK999HT rules. Featuring an actual 12AX7 tube, 3 band EQ & Drive controls along with Presence switch, the Tube King generates a wide variety of tones, including thick, singing distortion and outrageous heavy metal distortion. Also with its unique VOID function, it eliminates the noise and helps to create sharp rhythmic expression with heavy distortion. Housed in a unique shaped rigid die-cast case with visible tube through the transparent window, the Tube King will reign forever