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Hammond B-3 Classic

Verkkokauppa: Tilapäisesti loppu, kysy saatavuus

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Uusi B-3 on laskeutunut! Täysin aito soundi ilman huolia huoltotoimenpiteistä. Onko paremmasta väliä?

Kysy päivän tarjouksemme!

Mekaaniset (avainnus) multikontaktit, waterfall-koskettimet, 25 nuotin täysjalkio, penkki, pedaali; kaikki sisältyvät hintaan.

Uusi B-3 on pienemmiltäkin yksityiskohdiltaan aivan kuten esikuvansa. Kuitenkin uuden teknologian ansiosta B3 on täysin huoltovapaa. Myös uudet portattomasti säädettävät säröt, monipuoliset kaiut, sustainit jalkioon ja midi ovat olellisia parannuksia.



The New B-3 mk2 is the latest incarnation of the “King Of Instruments”. Every facet, every detail, every nuance of the classic B-3 inside and out has been painstakingly replicated using the most sophisticated digital technology. No matter which “branch” of the Hammond family you are from-Gospel, Jazz, Pop, Rock, Blues, Soul or Country; you will find the touch, feel and sound of the NEW B-3 mk2 as familiar as any B-3 you’ve ever played!.

Product Specs – B-3 mk2


61-note Keyboard x 2 and a 25-note pedal keyboard

Preset Key

12 keys, Mechanical Latch

Preset Memory

Internal memory, CF card

Keying Method

Direct Analog Keying


Full Polyphony (Upper & Lower)/8 notes Polyphony (Pedal)

Generator for Upper & Lower Manual Key

96 digital tone-wheels (Btype1, Btype2, Mellow)
Level is adjustable wheel by wheel for 96 tone wheels

Generator for Pedal

VASE III (Muted, Normal, Synth 1, Synth2)
Normal timbre is adjustable by drawbar’s composite system

Swell Drawbars

9 pitches, 2 sets

Great Drawbars

9 pitches, 2 sets

Pedal Drawbars

Vibrato / Chorus

V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3, (programmable), Swell On, Great On.

Onboard Digital Leslie

Advanced 2 rotor, digital Leslie

Leslie Switch

Slow, Stop, Fast


ON/OFF, Second / Third Harmonic
Slow/Fast Decay, Normal/Soft Volume


Vacuum tube x 2(12AU7: Overdrive, 12AX7: Preamp)


Expression Pedal w/Foot Switch
Motor Control (Up/Down Switch
Pedal Sustain, Manual Bass, Normal/Soft Volume

Digital Reverb

Spring and 10 more models, Leslie On Reverb, Reverb Volume


Overdrive, Reverb, Master Volume


Bass, Treble, Mid-Range (adjustable center frequency), B-3 type “tone” control


LCD 20 Character x 2 Lines (orange back Light)

External Slot

CF (Compact Flash) Card
Head Phone, Line in L/R, Line out L/R, Pedal out Effect Send/Return


11-pin Leslie Socket x 2 (Main, Echo)
Leslie Switch, Main/Echo Switch

Weight (including Pedal & Bench)

132 kg

Dimensions (Opened)

23 cm (W) x 73 cm (D) x 117 cm (H)


The Heart and Soul of the new B-3

Digital Tone Wheel?
Sound Engine
Direct Analogue Keying?

The unique Hammond B-3 sound is reproduced by a revolutionary newly designed sound generator system (96 digital Tone Wheels). This new digital Tone Wheel generator perfectly generates pure tones that is tones which have no harmonic content of their own. This purity is essential in order to attain a desirable tonal cohesion between the fundamental and its harmonics when they are mixed through the use of the drawbars.

When a manual key is pressed, it closes 10 small electrical switch contacts. These contacts are connected to the digital Tone Wheel generator as well as to the drawbars. The positions of the drawbars (which are under control of the player) determine the intensities of the individual electrical currents corresponding to the fundamental and its harmonics. After leaving the drawbars, the various electrical currents are connected together (or "mixed") to form a single complex current which flows from the console to the Leslie cabinet where it is amplified to operate the speakers. The swell pedal varies the intensity (or volume) of this complex current before it reaches the speakers.

Pre-Set Combinations

Each manual of the organ is equipped with nine pre-set combination keys. In addition, there are two sets of manually adjustable controls for each keyboard, thus making twenty-two different registrations which are instantly available, in addition, of course, to the many thousands of variations available by adjustment of the "harmonic drawbars". "VIBRATO AND CHORUS" has six possible positions corresponding to three degrees of vibrato and three degrees of vibrato chorus. The control pre-selects the extent of vibrato or vibrato chorus which will be obtained when either of the manual vibrato "ON/OFF" stops is used.

Touch Response Percussion Control

Percussion tones may be produced with a key-controlled "touch-response" in which desired notes of a melody may be accentuated. Now at your touch are effects like harp, chimes, orchestral bells, celeste, xylophone, marimba and a whole new world of fascinating percussion tones, which may be expressively introduced in a manner not found on any other organ.

Information Center

The drawbars, control tablets and rotary controls affect the operations necessary for performance on the organ. Advanced features such as drawbar voice mode, pedal sustain length etc., are accessed using the Information Center. This allows the player to see and make changes. The Information Center Display and touch buttons are located on the left side of the instrument just below the stylish music-rest.

The Selective Vibrato Stops

The great and swell manuals are provided with separate "ON/OFF" vibrato controls in the form of tilting stop tablets. The rotating control "VIBRATO AND CHORUS" has six possible positions corresponding to three degrees of vibrato and three degrees of vibrato chorus. The control pre-selects the extent of vibrato or vibrato chorus which will be obtained when either of the manual vibrato "ON/OFF" stops is used.


Rotary Control Panel

The new Hammond B-3 has a Rotary Control Panel which is located underneath the manuals on the extreme left side. The organist can use these controls to adjust the sound of the instrument such as: master volume, bass, treble, reverb, overdrive etc.

The Registration Principle
of the Hammond Organ

This is the original, unique feature of the Hammond Organ which makes it completely different from any other organ. In the Hammond Organ, the basic elements of all musical tones (the fundamental and its harmonic overtones) are made separately available to the organist. Furthermore, their relative strengths may be adjusted at the will by the organist. The drawbars of the Hammond Organ are provided for this purpose. Flute-like tones, for instance, may be produced by a certain combination of these drawbars; string-like effects by another combination; or the effects of both strings and flutes by still a different combination of the same drawbars. Thus, the drawbars provide the tonal ingredients from which the various registrations may be compounded.


The New Hammond B-3 has a MIDI OUT jack which is located underneath the organ on the left side. To control another MIDI instrument (synthesizer, sound module, etc.) from the organ, connect the MIDI OUT from the organ to the MIDI IN of the instrument you want to control.
Due to the unique tone-generation system of the New Hammond B-3, it does not implement MIDI IN or MIDI THRU.


Speaker Connection

The New B-3 Hammond Organ has two 11-pin Leslie connectors, one marked MAIN and the other marked ECHO, making it easy to connect multiple Leslie Speakers to the organ.

Speed Switch

A Leslie Speed Switch is provided with the New B-3 Hammond Organ to allow control of the Leslie Speaker rotors from the organ console.

Main/Echo Switch

When two Leslie Speakers are connected to the organ, the optional Main/Echo switch will allow the sound to come from only the Main cabinet, only the Echo cabinet, or both cabinets simultaneously.


The B-3 Classic... in comparison
Keyboards 61-61-25 61-61-25
Preset Key 12keys
Mechanical Latch
Mechanical Latch
Swell (Upper) 9 pitches 2 sets 9 pitches 2 sets
Great (Lower) 9 pitches 2 sets 9 pitches 2 sets
Pedal 2 pitches 2 pitches
Preset Memory Compact Flash-card Change by Preset Panel
Keying Method Direct Analog Keying? Direct Analog Keying
Contact 10-Mechanical contacts
+Rubber contacts for velocity
9-Mechanical contacts
Polyphony Full Polyphony Full Polyphony
Generator (Manual) 96-Digital Tone Wheels? 91-Tone Wheels
Gen. Waveform Changeable by CFcard
(Flash ROM)
Generator (Pedal) VASE II Tone Wheels
Vibrato/Chorus V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3
V1, V2, V3, C1, C2, C3
Tone Control BASS, TREBLE  
Display 20x2 digits LCD  
Weight 132 kg 190 kg
Dimensions Closed, without pedal in cm :
123W x 73D x 97H
Open, with pedal/bench in cm :
123W x 126D x 117H
Closed, without pedal in cm :
123W x 73D x 97H
Open, with pedal/bench in cm :
123W x 126D x 117H

You can download the images/files below by clicking on the image/icon...
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Demo B-3 Classic by Tony Monaco (Windows Media Player 7145KB)
Multiple CD-tracks "The Sounds Of Hammond"
  • B-3 C-3 Demo Song1.mp3 6572KB
  • B-3 C-3 Demo Song2.mp3 5195KB
  • B-3 C-3 Demo Song3.mp3 4461KB
  • XB-3M XC-3M Demo Song1.mp3 5292KB
  • XB-3M XC-3M Demo Song2.mp3 4671KB
  • XK-3 Demo Song1.mp3 2286KB
  • XK-3 Demo Song2.mp3 1451KB
  • A-305 910 Demo SOng1.mp3 3103KB
  • A-305 910 Demo SOng2.mp3 2010KB
  • 935 Demo Song1.mp3 2189KB
  • 935 Demo Song2.mp3 1990KB
  • XE Demo Song1.mp3 2299KB
  • XE Demo Song2.mp3 1579KB
  • XT XH Demo Song1.mp3 1034KB
(Zip-file 43,1Mb containing mp3-files)
5 CD-tracks "Gospel" played on Hammond :
  • Down By The Riverside.mp3 1788KB
  • Lux Aurumque.mp3 2838KB
  • Roll, Jordan, Roll.mp3 2931KB
  • Sing Me To Heaven.mp3 3478KB
  • Wade in The Water.mp3 3016KB