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Tuoteryhmä: Single Cut -kitarat

Epiphone Les Paul Custom - Ebony

Verkkokauppa: Varastossa

Myymälä: Varastossa




Epiphone Les Paul Custom (Inspired by Gibson) on laadukas sähkökitara kauniilla viimeistelyllä ja ProBucker -mikrofoneilla.

Epiphone jatkaa laadukkaiden kitaroiden valmistamista vuodesta toiseen ja Les Paul Custom ei ole poikkeus. Mahonkisella kaulalla ja eebenpuuotelaudalla varustettu Custom tekee soittokokemuksesta mukavan ja ProBucker -mikrofonien ansiosta soundi on muhkea!


  • Runko: mahonki
  • Kaula: mahonki
  • Otelauta: Ebony
  • Metalliosat: kulta
  • Elektroniikka: 2 x ProBucker
  • Väri: Ebony

The new Les Paul Custom is part of Epiphone’s Inspired by Gibson Collection and honors the 1950s classic designed by Mr. Les Paul in 1954 as the “tuxedo” version of his groundbreaking solid body masterpiece. Featuring a traditional Custom-style Mahogany body and Ebony fingerboard, gold hardware, critically acclaimed ProBucker™ humbuckers with CTS electronics, Grover® machine heads, and Custom-style inlay.

Epiphone's ProBucker™ humbucker has quietly become one of the most talked about pickups in the industry. It has fooled experts, vintage purists, and even luthiers who have worked with the best vintage examples from the late 50s and early 60s. Epiphone ProBucker™ humbuckers are the real deal--made with 18% Nickel Silver unit bases and covers, the same alloy used by Gibson at the Kalamazoo factory when the humbucker was first invented. The use of Nickel Silver reduces the occurrence of eddy currents due to low conductivity and provides a more transparent and crisp output. The size and shape of the bobbins also has a great impact on tonal response. And the bobbins used on ProBucker™ pickups duplicate the size and shape of the gold standard in the industry, Gibson humbuckers. Epiphone ProBucker™ pickups also feature sand cast Alnico II magnets, high quality 4 conductor lead wire, and are vacuum wax potted to eliminate microphonics.