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Tuoteryhmä: Bassokombot

EBS Drome 12 [K] Käytetty bassokombo

Verkkokauppa: Varastossa

Myymälä: Varastossa




Käytetty laadukas EBS Drome bassovahvistin.

Siistikuntoinen ja täysin toimiva Ruotsissa valmistettu bassokombo.


Monien mielestä Drome 12 on EBS:n kaikkien aikojen paras bassocombo, eivätkä nuo puheet ole turhia. Tämä ruotsalainen kombo tuottaa kokoonsa nähden ison ja luonnollisen soundin.



Tight, punchy, and musical.

The EBS Drome 12 Bass Combo is a powerful little amplifier unit. Equipped with a specially developed 12" speaker, it is capable of reproducing low frequencies with excellent definition in a very compact speaker enclosure. With a tweeter the whole frequency spectrum is balanced, resulting in a natural sound. The MOSFET power amp has a silent cooling system SCS, which makes the EBS Drome a natural choice for small club gigs and in the recording studio. The EBS Drome is equipped with a tube simulator to reproduce the soul and warmth of a real tube amp, simply activated at the flick of a switch.

Bass players who double on acoustic instruments will appreciate the notch filter that allows you to remove any frequency that can cause unwanted feedback. The BRIGHT filter, in combination with the ceramic tweeter, allows you to boost and fine tune the high frequencies to perfection.

Monitor Input
You can merge the sound with another sound source by using the Drome's monitor input, while maintaining only your bass sound at the balanced XLR output. Connect your headphones to the powerful headphones output, this will automatically mute the speaker and play along with your favorite CD in stereo. Best of all, when you've learned the tune, activate the bass eraser: a unique feature that removes the bass from the CD!

  • 9-Volt Phantom Power System
  • Compressor/Limiter
  • Built-in tube simulator
  • Stretchable mid-control
  • Floating balanced XLR output with built-in speaker simulator
  • Serial or parallel stereo effects loop
  • Stereo monitor input with
  • Bass Eraser function
  • Stereo headphones output
  • EBS unique Silent Cooling System
  • 150 W RMS output power

Drome 12 Bass Combo Amp

Frequency Response: 60hz - 20kHz
Dynamic and continuous Output Power: 150w RMS
Cabinet Volume: 28 liters
Height: 20"
Width: 17"
Depth: 11"
Weight: 38 lbs