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EBS Classic Session 60 Bass Combo

Tilapäisesti loppu, kysy saatavuus




Uusi 60Wattinen cobo tarjoaa loistavat soundit ja kotelon muotoilu sallii kallistuksen, eli kuulet lattialta kombon soinnin erittäin hyvin.
Varustettu diskanttielementillä, jolloin voit käyttää sitä myös vaikkapa akustisen kitaran soitossa.
Balansoidulla  XLR-liittimellä  saat vahvistimen kytketyksi isompaan P-A järjestelmään tarvittaessa.
AUX liitännän kautta voit kytkeä MP-3 tms. soittimen harjoituskäytössä ja luurit vielä korville, niin et häiritse muita..

The new EBS Classic Session 60 is a 60W tiltback style bass combo packed full of features. This sturdy little vinyl covered cabinet is built to provide extra bass reflex to a level not heard in such a small combo before.


Great Sound - Straight From the Box

The amp is fundamentally a scaled down Classic 450 with a 60W power stage that has a preshape EQ for a great sound straight out of the box!  Equipped with Gain, Bass, Treble and Volume controls, the Session 60 also features Character and Enhance filters for further adjustment, making it is easy to find your own personal tone.


For Stage and Studio

This versatile little 60W electric bass combo is perfect for rehearsals and small club gigs. It is also proving to be a big hit withupright bassists. Equipped with a tweeter, the acoustic guitar sounds fantastic through this dynamic full range combo.  The balanced XLR-output makes it great for live use on a larger stage as well as in the studio.

For Practice

The Classic Session 60 is a portable, lightweight combo.   The onboard auxiliary input means an audio source - MP3 player, CD player, laptop etc. can be connected to provide a pre-recorded backing track to play along to. With monitor stereo input jacks and stereo headphones output jack you can practise whenever you want.



Technical Specifications


Frequency Response 60 - 18k Hz
Dynamic Output Power 60 W RMS
Continuous Output Power 60 W RMS
Cabinet Volume 20 liters
Height 34,3 cm / 13.5“
Width 37,6 cm / 14.8"
Depth 39.5 cm / 15.6"
Weight 16 kg / 36 lbs