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Boss DM-101 Delay Machine

Boss DM-101 Delay Machine

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Boss DM-101 Delay Machine -pedaali

Klassinen soundi kohtaa modernin suorituskyvyn DM-101 Delay Machinessa, äärimmäisessä analogisessa delayssa!


A cutting-edge analog delay pedal. With 8 BBDs under CPU control, it offers 12 unique modes, stereo operation, and a wide tonal range—all while
maintaining 100% analog signal processing.

Standard Features

  • The ultimate analog delay pedal realized with advanced BOSS technology
  • Fully analog BBD audio circuitry shaped by precision digital CPU control
  • Warm, saturated, and highly musical tone
  • Twelve modes deliver a wide range of mono and stereo delay textures, created using up to eight internal BBDs
  • Stereo output with flexible signal routing options
  • Adjustable modulation rate and depth with dedicated knobs
  • Variation knob for controlling multiple parameters that are unique to each mode
  • Selectable carryover for maintaining delay trails when the effect is bypassed
  • MIDI I/O on mini TRS connectors
  • Tap tempo function and tap division switch for creating rhythmic delays
  • Four onboard memories plus the current panel settings
  • 127 user memories accessible via MIDI program change
  • Expandable control via external footswitches, an expression pedal, or MIDI