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Bogner Shiva 20th Anniversary combo [K] Käytetty putkivahvistin

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Siistikuntoinen Bognerin huippuvahvistin kitaralle.

Täysin toimiva kaikin puolin.

Tämä made in USA laatuvahvistin miellyttää vaativintakin soittajaa.


Bogner Shiva combo, 20th Anniversary

The 20th Anniversary Shiva from Bogner is the most versatile Shiva yet! It's loaded with additional features and two newly voiced channels. This all-tube guitar amp is also equipped with a pair of KT88 power tubes and rated at 90 watts.

The clean channel has a new boost circuit with it's own separate gain stage. Unlike the "tone stack bypass" boost on the other Shiva models, this new version keeps the tone controls active all the time. With the boost engaged you can push well into Plexi territory on this clean channel.

The gain channel now has almost twice as much gain on tap and a more refined voice. Two push button switches have been also been added to further shape the tone. Push the "Shift" button and dial up a more "blackface" type of tone with less mids and a softer feel. This setting will please the Dumble favoring players. The "Mode" button will give a more aggressive, "in your face" feel.

There is an "Excursion" control on the back which controls power amp dampening. This helps to dial in a full sound at low volumes or to adjust the right balance of bass to a cabinet and room size. The Shiva also has a Tube-buffered series FX-Loop.

Loaded with a Celestion Vintage 30 speaker, this is truly an all in-one, plug and play, tone monster.

Features and Specifications:

  •     1 x12" combo

  •     All-Tube Design

  •     Foot-switchable Clean and Gain channels

  •     Foot-switchable Boost (preset on Ch.1, variable on Ch.2)

  •     Tube-buffered series FX-Loop

  •     Bass, Treble & Volume controls (channel 1)

  •     Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain & Volume controls (channel 2)

  •     Mode and Shift switches (channel 2)

  •     Bright switches for each channel

  •     Global Master Volume and Presence controls

  •     3-button foot-switch: Channel, Boost,